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United States Marine Corps   My Favorite Links:

Welcome to my links page. I have categorized my link sections to help you find what you are looking for more easily. If you have information that you think I should have then contact me by e-mail at my address below.


Sim Related Sites:


SimHq is a great place to start with most all your simming questions.

Frugals World

For some more great simming information.


CHProducts Controllers THE finest controllers on the planet!

The Hangar

A REALLY cool place to talk CHProducts!

Bob Church's Place

ALL kinds of controller issues discussed for ALL kinds of controllers.

What do you need to fly with us?...

ICQ 2003b

For Mission transfers and data.


A place to meet and fly.


A large library of missions for Jane's F/A 18

Team Super Hornet For Jane's F/A 18

For the original TSH addon and now the Iraq Pac.  Thanks Guys! ~S~

Paul Hosick's Grey Ghost Page

A GREAT place to get information and photos of the real VMFA-531.  Thanks Paul! ~S~


100's of downloads for Jane's FA/18

Sim Flite

A great place to get all kinds of simming information!