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Commanding Officer (V)VMFA-531 2000- Present Joined the USMC in 1986-1996 MOS 7051 Crash Fire Rescue I was stationed at MCAS Cherry point MCAS Newriver ,cax operation battle gruffen and in 1991 headed out to the gulf for whats now known as Desert Storm. I have many hours logged on a flight line setting hot spot duty and you devil dogs that are CFR know what i am talkin about . I have logged over 2000 hours in Jane's F/A-18 I started with (V)VMFA-531 in 1999 and as nugget worked my way up the ranks.


Ghost comes to the Virtual Grey Ghosts from the ranks of the real VMFA-531.  He served with 531 from 78-82 as a Plane Captain.  He participated in many detachments to include: West Pac 79-80 aboard the USS Coral Sea, Red Flag, Black Flag, College Dart, CAX 29 Palms, WTI Yuma, Top Gun and EW CASS Nellis AFB.  Ghost has been flying with the Virtual Grey Ghosts since June of 2000.  He's served as the Public Affairs Officer, Operations Officer, and, now as the Executive Officer.

Check Six, Gotcha Covered!

Semper Fi







A Corporal in the USMC, (V) Capt, Michael "Rudel" Carter II is a 2844 by trade.  He trouble shoots and repairs ground communication systems, ranging from tactical radios, switchboards, and radar systems.  He is currently stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC, and deployed to Iraq.  Rudel has been a member since 2000 after the disbandment of the (V) VF-96 "Fighting Falcons"  Gator brought him into the ranks of the Grey Ghosts, and quickly became a good asset for patrolling the skies and providing cover for flights.  Be sure to check your six!



Soprano comes to the Virtual Grey Ghosts by way of meeting Gator flying FreeFalcon on-line. Soprano is an attorney from Columbus, Ohio who handles all legal matters for the 531 ;-).  Soprano has been with the (V)VFMA-531 since March, 2004.


Graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Holding both a Commercial Multiengine Instrument Rating and a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating has racked up more than 900 hours since 1993. Wolf was enrolled in the USMC pilot officer program when in April 2003 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He currently ghost writes at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey California for an IT firm out of San Jose. Currently a controller for New York Center at West Coast ATC

1999 to Present Started flying w/ MS FlightSim4, FlightSim98, Jane's USN97 Gold, Falcon 4.0 (1.08US et al), Jane's F/A-18E with Spike as the CO and Coyote as the XO. Trained Gator how to land the Hornet onto the "postage stamp" and then fly under him as the CO of the "re-born" 531st.  Work as a Sr. Firefighter/ Paramedic in Hilton Head, SC. Live 120 seconds from the place where they make Marines, WM's and DI's. Used to live under (lit.) turn to final of MCAS-Beaufort Rwy 05, so I am quite familiar with the Hornet, and wish I could get more sim time, but I will give all that I can to the Squadron.  Ghost's Phorever. Semper Fi! OOHRAH.



Double Nuts served with the original VMFA-531 from 1968 to 1970, and as a
member of Five-Thirsty-First he was assigned to flight line and ground
support.  In mid 1970, after loosing a discussion with a Captain, it was off
to beautiful downtown Okinawa and DaNang, Vietnam, with VMGR-152, as a FirstMech in KC-130's.  Otherwise commonly referred to as a glorified stewardess.


An average guy from the east coast of the United States.  Son of a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran.  Made several attempt to enlist into the Marine Corps with the goal of being a Marine Aviator.  Flying either the Super Hornet or the Cobra gunship.  Unfortunately a childhood injury prevented me from accomplishing my dream.Been flying flight Sims since 1984 (on an Commodore 128D).  Started flying online about 1996 with Fight Anthology and finally joining the 531 in 2001 flying Jane's F/A-18E Super Hornet.  531 is now considered home for me.

Gone but not forgotten ~S~ Thanks Haco

Semper Fi







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